• Yogi Marlon

To Dream A Dream

Whats Real? Whats Fake? What does it mean to Dream?

  1. As a Noun, it is described as a series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occurs in one’s sleep.

  2. But as a Verb, it is to Contemplate the possibility of doing something, or that “something” itself.

In My life Recently I’ve been conceiving what it really means to dream itself. In Fact, Deeper than that I’ve thought about what it means to grasp control of that Dream State. To Dream A Dream. Often Times we see Consciousness as a state of being “Woke” but even while we are Awake we lack awareness. Societies Tendencies can have us Trapped in the Matrix. Catching Yourself Gazing at what seems to be a moment in time created by what awaits. Reliving the same moment trying to find sanity but what we are really viewing is a concept not to far off from DejaVu!

“Already Seeing what is shown, Thinking of alternative realities far from your own.”

This is what it means to be Caught in the Glitches of the Matrix. A Reality we find Impermeable because it falsifies evidence on what is being expressed. So How do we Gain perception of what is Real and what is not?


This Technique is often thought of as control in the Realm of Sleep, but we have to realize that finding a reality outside of your own is just another version of escaping. We are already Bombarded by outside stimulus in a society that draws us away from the AWARENESS that is Consciousness. Practice writing your script! Be In Control of your path by Neglecting the things that bring your spirit away from its true purpose. In my own journey, I’ve found that Meditation before Sleep helps trigger dreams and upon rising it puts us in an Alpha Brainwave State promoting Awareness and Self Reflection. In Order to Gain a smoother transition into the Theta Waves commonly known for Rapid Eye Movement (REM) we have to find the transition from Sleep to Wake and maintain the awareness in between brain wave states. Delta to Theta , Theta to Alpha, Alpha to Beta, Beta to Gamma.


Nightmares are apart of Dreams the key is to have the strength, the faith to persevere through the Fear that can eat us alive at times and stop us from reaching our true potential. We can not escape Fear but we can embrace what it means to be in Control of our Realities. F.E.A.R. as an acronym is sometimes known as False Evidence Appearing Real. Keep Your Guiding Light Shined upon Balance and know that the Darkness You may feel at times is balancing in itself. As the sun rise’s so it will sets.

“One Breath at a time.” -A Yogi

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