• Yogi Marlon

Finding Music in Silence

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

‘Music is the Silence between Notes”

Living in a Yoga Shala, One of the most important things I have learned thus far is the meaning of Silence. It’s not about ‘keeping your mouth shut’ or even listening to what others have to say; I mean that’s a small part of it 😉 but when you realize most people have A LOT to say Silence becomes that much more Golden! The Perspective comes from hearing the subtle sounds from within. The frequencies & vibrations of my attuned thoughts & heart aligned. Which is way more powerful than to what anyone has to say!

When you are Silent you get the chance to listen to a sound internally more beautiful then anything you have ever listened to externally. With this “sound” in Silence comes a Beautiful Expression.


A Universal language felt by even the darkest of Souls. A Collection of Truth, Rhythm & Harmony. When you dig for Understanding you can overcome your biggest Secrets, your toughest Lies and See The Beauty in your Eyes. 

Take a look at Musical Artist all over the world who are able to share their Freestyles without hesitation or fear of Judgement; that is whats on the other side of Silence. Being to share your story with full expression from your Heart.

An ability to know who you are and when its all “said and done” you’ll never be the same.

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