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I am “CannaBuisness”

In The 1960’s-70’s the U.S. Govt. witnessed the rise of the hippie movement in Cali, Even the yippee movement in NY; and started to experiment with a plant called cannabis. They began experimentation in Military science as well as political/social science. This in turn helped them to realize that they needed time to dissect and understand the plant for its potential usage. The Pharmacopoeia had it established as a medicine way before their experiments yet they still decided to outlaw it in efforts to keep it away from the people. Smoking has always been a choice of individuals and even ancient cultures but there is so much more to the plant we can explore.

The Revolution Is Natural!

Although the plant was banished federally and the drug war was established, weed was abundant. Now not only grown outdoors but became excitingly cultivated indoors, away from its natural habitat. This happened for years, Taking seeds and transporting them in a foreign place was nothing new. “Land-race strains” were on its way to the verge of extinction. Once the plant transitioned indoors it was no longer about maintaining the relationship to the earth but instead growing for its exclusivity. Potency, Aroma, and yield. The market sky rocketed; Between 1995 and 2005 the potency of cannabis has established itself over 200X more then it predeceasing rate.

Indica & Sativa were being mixed and created using modified genetics, Cool names were being marketed for profit and here we are finding ourselves in the midst of legalization. In 1996 California was the first state to legalize, a pioneer in the industry. (17 Years later I found myself in the same state exploring, learning and even earning an degree on the matter) So how do we align ourselves especially as People of Color to get rooted back into what was taken from us?

Throughout the process of the drug war, laws were enforced to the detriment of ‘undeserved’ communities & meanwhile ‘class A’ drugs became untouchable to white collard crimes. This is still a revolution of liberty towards the natural liberty of mother nature & freedom for beings everywhere. With the use of Hemp and all its uses as a medicinal supplement to papers, fibers, and oil we can change the way the earth heals itself through sustainable practices. For finding the key to liberation is found in Nature yet what do we do when Nature is used against us?

We Grow Our Own!
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