• Yogi Marlon


Updated: Jun 13, 2020

This is a Question to those who seek more understanding of where we come from, why do we do the things we do and How can We stop the cycle of Habits that do not serve us?

Where, Why & How

Once Upon a time our ancestors lived a great life; filled with harmony, respect, and intuition with our Mother Earth. Through Colonialism things progressed, the “advancement” of technology and wars of famine preceded the industrial age and we began to alter the way we perceived food. What was given to us at a time wholesomely with large nutritional value is now different, we have been robbed of our history, robbed of our culture and continuously robbed of our connection to nutrition and divinity.

Which leads me to why we do the things we do; Is it because we feel someone will save us? is it because we have great respect for our oppressors? or is it because we are afraid to find union with our nature?! The ability to have a relationship with the the things around and inside of us is powerful. We can not know where we are going, if we don’t know where we come from.

To stop the Cycles of Perpetuating patterns, it becomes as simple as making a choice, a choice to live. We must be so fed up with the idea of death, the idea of destruction, Division and separation that we find a new perspective on how we look at the world around us and inside of us. We start to feel the environment around us, The Sun rays as a blessings of divinity itself we can return our connection to mother earth… There we can begin to return to our nature, Live with the idea that Spirituality is as simple as the… Truth we see in the Trees.

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