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Agriculture is a tool of empowerment. It provides the hands on experience that we need in order to create a harmonic balance with Mother Earth. In planting a seed, we need a few ingredients that make up who we are. Earth, Water, Wind, & Fire.



Learn how to Grow Your Own Food

Download a Free PDF on our services that include a free survey of your space for 1-1 tips and how to progress forward. You can schedule your inspection via online or in person.

Home Grown Vegetables

Establish a Project in your Community

Establishing a project in your community takes a village, but with that village you can raise a child. It can be anything you want it to be from a small home garden for your family to a private enterprise medicine factory. We are Here for You.

Contact us today, it would be an honor to send you a general proposal of what we offer. We are here for You.

Jamaican Heritage Trip

Establishing a Home, specifically in regards to the African diaspora, can be a burden for people all over the world.

Truth in Trees and The Italist have teamed up to bring you a "Carbon Child" volunteer Heritage trip to the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Working on rebuilding communities, education, decolonization, and Rastafari. Our aim is to establish a resource that will help us to grow on Fertile Land and return to Roots, Rhythm and Culture. 

Register your interest in Joining our 2021 Trip here. 

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